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Создан: 02.09.2011
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Who make use of hydraulic balers for scrap recycling?

Четверг, 28 Июня 2018 г. 22:03 + в цитатник
It is well-known that companies who are dealing with waste management use different types of equipment for collecting, transporting, storing and recycling different types of waste including metal scrap. This equipment includes hydraulic balers and shears, shredders and briquetting presses, crushing machines and cable strippers, etc. But there are other types of companies who may make use of hydraulic balers as well. Let’s see who they are.

First of all, we need to understand how metal balers differ. Mainly they differ by their pressing force: up to 50 T – small balers, up to 200 T – middle sized balers, up to 600 Tons - big balers.

Of course, large scrap collecting and recycling companies use big and middle sized balers. They have large amount of scrap daily and need to recycle it very fast. So the total capacity of their balers can vary from 5-6 Tons per hour up to 40-50 Tons per hour.

But who uses small balers? Well, first of all such balers can be used by companies which do not have so many metal scrap in their activity, e.g. turnery firms, companies dealing with making metal profiles, auto repairing shops, casting producers, construction firms, etc. All of them work with ferrous or non-ferrous metal, and all of them have metal waste that can be sold finally. That is why small balers with capacity 500-2500 kg per hour are popular. They help their owners to reduce the place for the waste storage and save funds at metal waste transport. If we take metal shavings and chips at turnery business, such type of metal scrap needs a lot of place to store, and a lot of effort to get rid of. But with the help of metal baler a large volume scrap turns into compact and heavy tablets (if we take briquetting press) and small heavy bales if we take baling press. If a company has a lot of shavings from aluminum they can make tablets and then put them into smelting furnace and earn money by making casting works out of recycled scrap. Why not?

But even if the amount of scrap not big, these companies can easily phone to scrap collecting firms and they buy ready bales at higher price than an ordinary metal waste.

Municipal services often use small balers when dealing with tin cans and other metal waste from city streets.

Nowadays when prices for such product as metal are constantly fluctuating, some companies prefer to earn money just buying metal scrap at lowest possible prices, pressing it into compact bales, storing them at their warehouse for some time and then selling at high prices. In this case the baler helps to save place for storing.

Also, a mobile version of balers is popular when such equipment is put on trailer and features diesel engine independent of electric supply. Companies with such machines offer scrap recycling services at the place of customer. It is very suitable for both sides.


So, hydraulic balers are rather popular type of equipment for those who work with metal, no matter what amount they use. The right choice of model and a bit of effort can help the companies to earn extra money from ordinary waste.